Chefanie at home. Photo credit:  Agnes Fischer

Chefanie at home. Photo credit: Agnes Fischer

Victory Club Brings Together Friends And Friends Of Friends
Over The Culinary And Visual Arts.

Stephanie Nass (nicknamed "Chefanie" by her younger brother) founded Victory Club out of a need she felt while working as a financial analyst in Silicon Valley.

Victory Club was her solution to the gap between her creative life in school and her less creative life post-college. Chefanie started cooking for friends in her shoebox New York City apartment in late 2014 -- everyone covered the costs of ingredients and was encouraged to bring someone who was not originally invited. The springboard for conversation at that time was the work on her walls -- primarily her own paintings but also treasured gifts from artist friends. Now the project has outgrown her apartment: boasting a membership of sixty subscribing members and hundreds of guests, events take place in venues related to the arts: galleries, museums, artists' studios, private art collections, and restaurants with art collections. Mostly in New York, but also with pop ups in London, Miami, Nashville, and the Hamptons. 

Chefanie studied Art History at Columbia and professional culinary arts at the International Culinary Center.  Chefanie is 25 and looks to inspire others to host their own versions of Victory Club where ever they are. Her website is here.